PANCHAMRIT (5 elixir) for all your health needs

In today's fast and hectic lifestyle any disease is no less than a disaster to us. The disease not just cost us physically but it also creates social, economical and psychological problems. The changing environmental conditions (pollution, rising temperature) with ever developing disease causing factors, healthy life is no less than a god gift.

The decreasing Oxygen levels in our body due to pollution, water dissolved oxygen and other reasons, it’s not that just our evolution has stopped but also the response from our bodies capacity to Toxins, Pollutants, Viruses and other harmful things has decreased or slowing down. Because of all these problems we have developed this 5step process to address all your health problems to the best of available solutions in the world for all diseases in terms of effectiveness, cost benefits and full solution without destroying the nature and our natural capacities to fight the diseases.
The Five steps of PANCHAMRIT are:
1. PREVENTION: The prevention method looks at our natural inner mechanisms to address any health abnormality and develop these mechanisms to the best of their capacity. E.g. For every external thing body has its own mechanisms to resist and kill the disease causing factors. But due to certain external factors the internal response is damaged. We can develop them to their potential through certain techniques and methods. Through our preventive analysis for every disease we identify those methods and bring them to you for development of your body’s inner resistance against any disease.
2. MITIGATION: The mitigation method is based on the identification of our body and our likely health issues. These health issues can be long term or short term challenges for you. Through our research and surveys with active contributions from your side we are trying to check and refine our algorithms to identify the diseases you can suffer based on your health, lifestyle and other details or surroundings and how you can minimize their impact on you.
3. PREPAREDNESS: Preparedness approach provides you information about your immediate health need and ways to reduce their impact on your health. It is based on the detailed study of your physical, social, cultural, environmental and biological factors. Under it, we try to identify the unpleasant condition which may occur and how you can face it.

4. RESPONSE: Response system provides you information about all the medicinal ways available under the sun for your health challenge with their success. The medicinal ways are judged upon their effectiveness, cost to your pocket, temporary/permanent redress of your disease, its side effects to you and the environment in short or long term and other relevant parameters which are necessary for a holistic solution to your health issue.

5. RECOVERY: Recovery method gives you details on the available methods for the speedy and faster recovery from health challenges which otherwise impact your interactions in life. Also it helps you in removing the after-effects of any health issue and regain the natural essence of your body to the best possible and earliest way.
At ayubook, we study all diseases from this unique five step approach and give you detailed analysis, methods, and techniques to address any disease and implement these five steps in your life. Our dedicated team from diverse backgrounds helps us to look into these diseases from various angles/viewpoints to develop the holistic science of our body and maximize the capacity of our body.
As Sir ISSAC NEWTON and HENDRIK LORENTZ established that if we know the initial conditions and the laws/ rules guiding the subsequent changes, we can identify the future conditions. We at ayubook try to work on these rules and laws governing the health of human and try to create your health horoscope.