SOWA RIGPA is believed to be the medicinal way developed and practiced by the Gautam Buddha, and it is popularly known as AMCHI system of medicine. It is a popular medicinal system in the Himalayan regions like Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal; and parts of India-China.

Sowa rigpa has its basis in the Ayurveda and developed as an advanced system by adding some more combinations in the old system. Sowa-Rigpa is based upon two principles:

  1. Jung-wa-nga (i.e. 5 basic elements of life as- Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Sky from YOGA), and
  2. Ngepa-Sum (3 dosha VATA, PITTA and KAPHA from AYURVEDA).

Bodies of all the living beings and non living objects of the universe are composed of the above 5 basic elements and when the proportion of these elements is in imbalance in our body disorder starts and the 3 dosha occurs.

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