SOUND THERAPY is based on the use of utilization of sounds for the treatment of various diseases. While on outside it may look as illogical that how sound can heal a disease. But in actual sound therapy is a scientific method based on the laws of mathematics, frequency etc.
For long Vedic chants are used for the equilibrium and benefit of all. Like many other modes, sound therapy also believes that the ultimate reason for any disease is the imbalance of body and mind, and through various sounds, vibrations and other techniques we can remove that imbalance. Apart from that it also creates a relaxing atmosphere.
In modern times the potential of using sound therapy has improved a lot. In modern day concrete jungles (big cities) the pleasant sound of trees, birds and animals is taken by the unpleasant vehicles and horn sounds.
MY OBSEVATION: If we compare the working hours and labor spent by people from rural areas/ hilly regions with that of people from urban areas, there is hardly any difference. But if we compare their satisfaction with the surroundings, the rural societies outscore urban societies. One of the reason for that is the mental calmness, a by-product of sound therapy.

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