FRUIT THERAPY is a misnomer today, but because of its start from the knowledge on the health benefits of fruits, it is still called as fruit therapy. Today it involves a range of food or dietary habits and proportions to treat various health anomalies or to provide specific nutrients for enhancement of functioning of organ systems and parts. Thus today it is known as DIET THERAPY. 
Initially Fruit therapy started as a branch of naturopathy which involves the use of special diet for internal cleansing of body. Fruits though essential but not the whole just on which it depends. Many other things are discovered with potential healing characteristics. E.g. certain fruits and vegetables like papaya, orange, lemon etc can help to decrease blood pressure, thus helping the high BP people naturally.
Similarly we can use vitamin C rich sources for Asthma. Aloe vera can help in diabetes due to its Antiseptic and other beneficial properties. Diet/Fruit therapy has a high potential for preventive, mitigation and recovery responses more many diseases. Major Dietary practices/habits used today and essential information to be known before using any dietary method to treat health anomalies are discussed below. 

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