What is food combining?

                  Food combining is a scientifically developed food selection system, from among different food types, based on the compatibility and incompatibility to each other. Food combining is mainly used for ensuring after-meal comfort and keep digestion efficient. But it can also be used to treat or avoid certain health anomalies or to improve overall health. Around 90% of digestive system disorders are caused by poor food combining of mutually incompatible foods options.

Why is it important?   

                 Our digestion system involves not just some chemical or physical processes, but it is also a physiological thing. It involves our mind, having a psychological effect. Before getting absorbed and used by our body, food goes through several changes. Food combining uses this knowledge and helps in identification of suitable foods and methods.

                   E.g. the chemical part of our digestion involves usage of a number of juices and their enzymes having different roles at a different time in a different organ. Food passes through various alkaline and acidic surroundings with the active role of various juices and enzymes. These enz

ymes require well defined acid-alkaline ranges to remain active and perform its functions. (You can read more about it under enzymes)

                  Our body identifies the type of food and the digestive secretions are such that the fluids and enzymes released, matches to the character of the food eaten. But like many processes it also has limitations. It is much easier for our body to suit the complex needs of a particular food, but no

t to a variety of foods taken together.

                  Poor choices can lead to gastrointestinal fermentation of certain foods eaten in incompatible combinations. We need to identify foods comprising a meal of the same type of ingredients to avoid fermentation and have proper digestion. Similarly, we are also required to identify the ideal conditions for the enzymes and other elements involved in the digestion of a particular type of food and the likely food items which can damage this environment or add to this environment.

How to do food combining?

                     The simplest thing to do this is to have similar foods at one time in order to accomplish a complete digestion. But in addition to that we have some identified rules which help not just in avoidance of ill effects, but also to get the maximum out of food. In next article on rules of food combining, we will discuss all those food combinations which are bad for our health and which food combinations can have a healthy impact on our digestion system and health.

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