The diseases of urinary system may not be that much life threatening as the diseases of many other organ systems can be, but the amount of pain and suffering a person has to go through because of urinary system diseases is no less than any other organ system diseases. Many diseases can occur in the urinary system, like:

Nephrosis – a non-inflammatory disease of the kidneys that is characterized by the leaking of blood protein into the urine, swelling or oedema, and degenerative lesions.

Nephrolith – a kidney stone (a stony concretion formed inside body).

Urethritis – inflammation of the urethra, the final pathway through which the urine exists in both sexes, and the common pathway for urine and semen ejaculation in the male.

Nocturia – A frequent need to arise during the night in order to urinate.

Enuresis – involuntary release of urine or urinary incontinence. Most often it is used in reference to “bedwetting.”

Many more diseases can also occur in the urinary system. For detailed information about various urinary and excretion system diseases, their symptoms, causes and Panchamarit approach for the solutions kindly follow the links given below.