Nervous system
along with cardiovascular system is the most important system inside our body. Only these two systems produce a significant magnetic field which can be influenced by other planets and stars in our solar system. Many life threatening diseases may happen to the nervous system. Some of them are:

Multiple Sclerosis – The multiple hard plaques of degeneration of the insulating layer of nerve fibers in the central nervous system. The loss of insulation can cause “short circuiting” of nerve impulses, which may lead to degeneration and diseases like paralysis, sensory disturbances or blindness.

Cerebrovascular accident (CVA) – Brain stroke caused by bursting of a  blood vessel in the brain (causing internal bleeding) or formation of a clot inside a brain blood vessel (a thrombus), or elsewhere (embolus) which ultimately get stuck in a brain vessel and deprives of the brain tissues from oxygen. Like multiple sclerosis, depending upon the area of the brain involved, the patient may suffer paralysis, loss of speech or loss of vision.

Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) – A short period of insufficient blood supply to the brain which can have the same signs and symptoms as a stroke such as weakness in an arm, a partial loss of vision.

Epilepsy/Convulsions – Greek word for “seizures” inside brain. High fevers in young are the most common cause which can trigger seizures. The seizures can be of short duration, easily controlled and, typically, have no permanent aftereffects. Epilepsy is a specific condition occurring at any age with seizures of much more intensity, longer durations, and recur with some frequency.

 Aphasia – Speech impediments caused to someone because of cerebro vascular accident (CVA) or by traumatic brain injury, involving the left side of the brain.

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