Skin is the largest organ system and serves many important functions. At the same time skin diseases are numerous and frequently occurring health problem. Yes, some skin diseases are more prone to occur at certain age, but most them lacks any age barrier.

Skin being the most visible part of us, skin diseases is also the most easily visible diseases. The major skin diseases are (though the list is not exhaustive, but covers many):

  • Skin drying or Dry skin: Dry skin is the uncomfortable skin condition represented by scaling, itching and cracking. It is mainly caused because of Nutritional deficiency (Beta carotene, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C and E), Weather condition like winter leading to drop in humidity level and water replenishment or use of soaps or other products which makes skin dry.
  • Rashes: Rashes include red spots, inflammation or other visible spots on skin caused by allergy, infection, insect bites, skin pore blockage etc. It includes diseases like ACNE, DERMATITIS, ECZEME, HIVES, PITYRIASIS, PSORASIS etc.
  • Viral Infection: It includes skin diseases which are caused by viruses. These diseases impact the inner layer of skin. The major viral infection based skin diseases are: SHINGLES (caused by herpes/Zoster), SIMPLEX, WARTS etc.
  • Fungal Infection: It includes skin diseases which are caused by attack of fungus like ringworm, itch or lock. Though they are mainly limited to the outer skin layer (Epidermis), but in cases of weak immunity it can go do deeper layers also.
  • Parasitic Infection: It includes skin diseases which are caused by attack of parasites like lice, bedbugs, myiasis, worms etc. They can cause severe itching and spots.
  • Bacterial Infection: It includes skin diseases caused by bacteria’s like staphylococci, streptococci etc. Bacterial infection can impact all 3 layers of skin. The major bacterial skin infections are: CELLULITIS, LYME.
  • Pigment disorder: It is caused by difference in melanin formation among the various regions of skin leading to the condition of Hypo-pigmentation (Lack of melanin formation, leading to white patches) or Hyper-pigmentation (Excess of pigmentation formation, leading to black patches) on skin. The major reasons of pigment disorder are: EXTERNAL (exposure to severe heat, cold, chemicals or some infection) or INTERNAL (aging, change in hormone production, metabolism rate, etc).
  • Tumors and Cancers: These are caused by more than normal multiplication of cells. These tumors can be harmful or harmless. The harmful one’s can lead to cancer. Skin cancer is mainly caused by the exposure to harmful radiations from sun or other source, leading to skin cancers like BASAL cell cancer, SQUAMOUS cell cancer or MALIGNANT melanoma.
  • Uncategorized skin diseases: it include skin diseases like wrinkles (caused by breakdown of collagen and elastin with dermsic), Rosacea (red face and development of pimples and lesions), Spider Veins and Varicose Veins (caused by enlargement of blood vessels).

So we have seen the range of skin diseases which can occur. But they can be avoided and many can be treated through nature. For detailed information on various skin system diseases, their symptoms, causes and Panchamarit approach for the solutions kindly follow the links given below.