Q. What is ayubook?
A. ayubook.com is a health related website working towards the formation of a new health approach by using an evolved community helping each other across the globe to make one’s life beautiful and address their health needs at the earliest using best method of treatment and avoid sufferings in their life.
Q. What features are available on ayubook?
A. We provide you details on various diseases, its causes, symptoms and how you can apply the unique panchamrit approach to your health needs. Many other features are also added like health horoscope as a document of your body characteristic, consult health experts and fill forms to help us in spreading information from across the world and various treatment methods available for a disease in their nation and their effectiveness.
Q. Is account registration required?
A. No. As long as you want to just collect information from our website, you don’t need an account. But to share your experiences or comment on the articles you may need to have an account.
Q. What benefit the website derives from my information and experiences shared on the website?
A. Your information and experiences help us in improving our understanding of human health and various factors impacting human health. This information is utilised by us to check the efficiency of our algorithms developed for human health and to build many new such scientific algorithms for the benefit of all.
Q. What precautions should I observe during website usage?
A. For detailed information on this you can refer to:

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