Word "AYUBOOK" is made from combination of two words "AYU" means life, and "BOOK" means record, data or collection. Based on these two words ayubook is set up to record our observations/experiences, collect your observations/experiences and give data on health for a healthy and disease free life. Ayubook works with an ultimate goal of improving our understanding on our body and health, thus helping us in identifying our self in a holistic manner and live a healthy life.

In our mission we are guided by the wisdom of traditional human knowledge about us and the revolutionary modern-day medicinal technology to look for the information and solutions, and to bring them to you in an easy, practical way. 

As Confucius said:

"By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest."

When it comes to health learning; the changing lifestyle, deteriorating environment connect and neglect of wellness has lead to learning by experience as only way to wisdom, thus making life as pack of bitter experiences.

Ayubook is our sincere attempt to reinvent the Wheel of good health and make our life beautiful. Ayubook is developed as community website to learn collectively through our experiences, connecting us with the nature and improve our body mechanics. With a team from diverse backgrounds like engineering, anthropology, medical, science etc. with active support and contributions from your side, we focus on developing new tools, methods and procedures for attaining healthy lifestyle and predicting the future health of you, through the study of present and the conditions governing the change.

We also try to bring the wealth of knowledge available across the world among various communities, medicinal ways and any other group which yields result. You can also look for health experts and get yourself connected with them. You can use various sub fields in our menu to learn about human body, various diseases, their panchamrit based solutions and many other interesting things. 

We love our users and welcome their valuable feedback's and suggestions. You can use our Contact Us page to tell us how we’re doing and what we should do to improve our services and help people in a better way. So keep exploring ayubook and share your experiences with us.