Some health anomalies need specialized instruments and care for treatment, but some can be treated with some of the most common dietary items available in our kitchen or backyard. Many of the items which we will list in this section also serve as an important ingredient for many therapeutic materials used by various medicinal systems.

Basic knowledge about these items will not only help you in cure but also in prevention of many diseases by observing the likely symptoms. These items are widely used by traditional and tribal societies for various health benefits. The usage of these items will certainly help you in improving your ayubook (life book).

At the same time, it is equally important to know about the precautions and ills of these items if any. The manifestation of various diseases is not just because of defects in body organs working, but also because of defective diet leading to bodily functions defect.

Precautions in the quantity, quality and the way of intake are equally important to know along with the benefits. Based on the empirical information, traditional medicinal systems, practices prevalent in various societies and our understanding with active support from users we have developed this table to tell you about these items.

This information will also be beneficial for the people who either lack access to modern day medicines (due to infrastructure/financial constraints) or worried about the increasing side effects and resistance against modern day medicines. It may also support the preservation of traditional knowledge and natural vegetation.

The below table will provide you information about these items with respective health benefits and bad impacts with the likely intake in a day.