Our work is the biggest consumer of our body. Our profession and the ecosystem at work is the biggest influence on the health of many people. Someone is exposed to certain fumes and gases at work; someone else is exposed to long sitting hours in a position. Some people are constantly developing physical stresses and strain in the body; someone else is developing mental or emotional stress and strain at work.

It is a part of modern day survival and people need work to fulfill the material and non-material needs. We can’t stop people from doing work because of likely future health problem, but what we can do is to be aware of it and develop a way/lifestyle to make our work and health beautiful.

A healthy person is the normal and every disease needs a deviation from the normal to express itself in an individual. The deviation can be due to internal imbalance or external imbalance.

  • Internal imbalance: Internal imbalance is the imbalances created in the inside of our body. The demands of work take its toll on health and it can lead to health anomalies.
  • External imbalance: External imbalance is the imbalance created by our surroundings. The working environment is one such force which has the potential to cause health anomalies.

Based on the symptoms and patterns of diseases we can identify that barring few diseases whose symptoms and patterns are difficult to identify with the profession, many diseases show the symptoms and patterns specific to the profession. These diseases are classified as occupational diseases.

A significant portion of our day is taken by the job, giving sufficient time to our surroundings, workload, postures and other factors to take its toll on our health. With time our body starts adapting to it, but in that adaptation, many contaminants are accumulated by us with potential for greater repercussions in the later stage of life. On some people the work starts showing its toll much earlier, giving us a chance to take precautionary measures. 

At ayubook, based on people feedbacks, empirical learnings, expert opinions and our observations, we have developed this section to identify the likely patterns followed by various diseases, who are the risk of having these diseases, what can be the likely impact of it on life and profession, the initial symptoms and how we can deal with such problems, so that our ayubook i.e. life book remains as healthy as we can keep.

Kindly share your profession experiences with us, to increase the quality of our observations and advice.




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